Emma Mannion

As an 18-year old girl traveling across the country to experience college for the first time, I was met with my worst nightmare. I never thought I’d be a statistic, just another number. I thought college was supposed to be a fun, new, and challenging experience. To learn and grow as a student and individual. Being raped was not something I ever thought of or anticipated.

I was raped in a vehicle, in a gravel parking lot, outside of a well-known bar near campus. I spent the following day in bed and in denial. How could that have happened? The week following my rape was more shocking. My hospital experience was horrible; my interview with the detectives took place in my exam room while I was by myself, wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Within 3 days they told me they didn’t believe me, that I had wasted their time, and that they needed to arrest me for falsifying a report.

The police didn’t believe me, news outlets made a mockery of me, and five years later I’m still trying to tell my story. The unfortunate part in all of this was that I was never given the privilege or right to process my rape; I was too busy processing the re-traumatization from the police.  I hope to continue growing and spreading awareness. I hope to make my voice and all of the voices around us heard.