Call For Proposals

Call For Proposals

2023 International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Fighting for Change

Chicago, IL
April 11-13, 2023

For our 2023 conference, we are focusing on the theme of fighting for change. As professionals working to improve criminal justice and community responses to sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence, we wish we didn’t have to fight for change. But the reality is, long-term cultural change never comes easily. 

In our 2023 conference proposals, we are looking for brave and creative strategies to bring about change – as well as sustaining that change in the face of organizational inertia or even resistance. How are you forging ahead to create new policies and practices, to transform institutions as large and complex as our criminal justice system? How are you overcoming obstacles? And perhaps most important, how are you maintaining your own personal resilience and wellness, so you can continue fighting, even when the barriers to change may seem insurmountable? 

Start working on your proposal now, to submit before the deadline of May 6th, 2022.

Questions? Email or call (509) 684-9800.