Virtual Practicum Marketing Resources

Virtual Practicum Marketing Resources

Project partners and allies can use these marketing resources to promote the Virtual Practicum. You can choose the images and information that best expresses the benefits of the Virtual Practicum to your audience using your website, social media, and email distribution lists. Together we will help health care providers improve their care for sexual assault patients and support allied professionals in enhancing their collaborative response to survivors.

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Sample Language Describing the Virtual Practicum

For health care professionals: Health care providers learn what each step of the medical forensic exam entails and how to provide trauma-informed patient care to sexual assault survivors from different populations.

The Practicum also prepares medical professionals to testify in court, covering everything from responding to subpoenas, to explaining findings, to answering difficult questions.

For SANEs: The Virtual Practicum gives experienced forensic examiners a leg up in their own practice. The Practicum includes the latest information and demonstrates effective approaches to caring for patients from different populations.

Use it as a refresher and an aid to prepare for testifying in court.

For law enforcement: The Virtual Practicum shows how the medical forensic exam is conducted, step by step, and how the evidence is analyzed at the crime lab. Learn the intricacies of each discipline’s role in the response to sexual assault survivors and taking a case through prosecution.   

For prosecutors: The Virtual Practicum shows how the medical forensic exam is conducted, step by step, and how the evidence is analyzed. Use the Practicum to instruct forensic examiners in your own cases about the legal process and prepare them to testify in court.

For advocates: The Virtual Practicum shows each step of the medical forensic exam and demonstrates the advocate’s critical role in supporting the survivor. See how evidence collected in the exam is analyzed at the forensic lab. Then, learn the intricacies of the legal process from an expert sex crimes prosecutor and watch a forensic nurse examiner testify at trial.

For multidisciplinary teams: The Virtual Practicum shows multidisciplinary professionals in action, doing their jobs. It illustrates the interconnectedness of each person’s role and how an effective, trauma-informed response to sexual assault survivors requires everyone working together. Use it at team meetings to facilitate discussions on specific aspects of the medical, advocacy, and criminal justice system responses.

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“As a trainer, I plan to use the Virtual Practicum with new nurses, seasoned nurses, paramedics, and grad students as part of online training and classroom education. I love the clinical scenarios and the perspective that different health care providers bring to taking care of patients.” –Valerie Sievers, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Forensic Healthcare Consultant and Educator

“The Virtual Practicum features scenarios where you’re able to practice the medical forensic exam, but it doesn’t stop once the patient leaves the health care facility. You get to see the whole process, from crime lab DNA analysis through prosecution, which also makes it an excellent training for law enforcement, prosecutors and victim advocates. At EVAWI we’re all about multidisciplinary training so we can surround survivors in 360 degree care.” Jacque Bassett, End Violence Against Women International

“Providing care for incarcerated survivors and coordinating with staff from detention facilities is not always easy or simple. The Practicum includes a new training scenario that offers practical guidance and gives professionals the tools to ensure incarcerated survivors get the care they need and deserve.” Linda McFarlane, Just Detention International

“I wish I had seen the Virtual Practicum earlier in my career. I found it very useful, and it helped create an understanding of what the patient has already gone through before I, or another law enforcement professional, even enters the picture. ” Senior Investigator Matthew Stegner

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