Joanne Archambault Visionary Award

Joanne Archambault Visionary Award


Patti Powers, JD

For her long career of dedicated service to the women, men, and children harmed by violence. With equal parts empathy, integrity, and hard work, she has helped to pursue justice for thousands of victims and forged new practices that will benefit countless more.


Lisa Avalos
Lisa Avalos, JD, PhD

For her relentless advocacy on behalf of sexual assault survivors, especially those who are charged with false reporting or associated crimes after contacting police. At great personal and professional cost, she has stood defiantly in the corner with these survivors and fought tirelessly for their interests, ultimately bringing about change in individual cases and broader criminal justice responses. 


Tom Tremblay
Thomas Tremblay

For his long career of dedicated service to the women, men, and children who are victims of violence. Not only is he forging a path with bold vision and courageous leadership, he inspires others to join him in the hard work of transforming vision to reality. With an unfailing compass of honor, integrity and empathy, he is a model of selfless advocacy and generous partnership.


Dean Kilpatrick
Dean Kilpatrick

For his groundbreaking contributions to research, policy, and practice. With equal dedication to scientific rigor and human compassion, his work expands our understanding of trauma and guides our responses to victims. By shining a light into the dark corners, he helps others find their way out.


Jackson Katz
Jackson Katz, PhD

For his pioneering scholarship and game-changing activism to address challenges related to gender, race and violence. Dr. Katz has led the way for other men – and women – working to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence.


Casey Gwinn
Casey Gwinn

For founding and tirelessly promoting both the now-international Family Justice Center movement, and Camp HOPE America, for children impacted by family violence. His brilliant leadership and unflagging dedication have helped to promote justice and healing for survivors around the world.


Joye Frost
Joye Frost

For her longstanding contributions to support and expand the reach and impact on victim services in the 21st century. As the Director of the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), at the U.S. Department of Justice, Ms. Frost helped to significantly build capacity in the field, and expand assistance to all victims, especially those most underserved. This includes boys and young men, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, victims with disabilities, and members of American Indian/Alaska native communities. She also championed efforts to integrate survivor leadership in anti-human trafficking efforts. Her efforts have substantially improved victim assistance programs, by ensuring vital funding, and providing visionary leadership to continue inspiring generations of professionals.


Dr. Marlene A. Young

For playing such a crucial role in improving the lives of victims through her work with the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), the World Society of Victimology (WSV), and the International Organization for Victim Assistance (IOVA). In addition to her advocacy work, Dr. Young has also created knowledge and worked tirelessly to ensure that it is translated into policy and practice. She has traveled the world speaking out on victim rights and served as a consultant to six U.S. Cabinet-level Departments as well as the United Nations.


Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell, PhD

For her groundbreaking research on violence against women, specifically sexual assault and the response of legal, medical, and mental health systems to the needs of rape survivors.


Chief Jerald Monahan
Chief Jerald Monahan

For his dedication to addressing violence against women throughout his 36-year law enforcement career – as well as his commitment to making Arizona the first Start by Believing state. Chief Monahan used his connections to gather support for the Start by Believing campaign in numerous cities, counties, and campuses across the state of Arizona, as well as the Arizona House of Representatives and the Office of the Arizona Governor. He continues to lead all of us toward a Start by Believing nation.


Lynn Schafran, JD

For her leadership in seeking to end gender discrimination in all of its forms, including violence against women. Through her prolific writing, wise counsel, and tireless advocacy – as well as your groundbreaking efforts to educate the judiciary – Lynn has sparked changes that will ripple through the justice system and benefit all who are victimized.


Linda Ledray
Linda Ledray, PhD

For her vision in creating new ways to provide medical and forensic services for sexual assault victims, and her leadership to inspire similar reforms across the country and around the world. Linda’s tireless efforts have helped to pursue justice and healing for countless survivors.


Russell Strand

For his long career of dedicated service to the women, men, and children who are victims of violence. The training program Russell developed for Army investigators has created real change in holding offenders accountable and now serves as a model for military and civilian agencies around the world. With vision, courage, compassion and good humor, Russell’s tireless efforts have made a difference in the lives of countless survivors.


Mark Wynn
Lt. Mark Wynn

For his vision in confronting the devastating problem of family violence, and his leadership in inspiring others to join the cause. Lt. Wynn’s tireless efforts to improve our response to violence have helped to pursue justice for countless victims and hold more perpetrators accountable.


Mary P. Koss, PhD

For her vision in creating new fields of knowledge, leadership in forging new directions, and dedication to bridging the divide between research and practice. Because of Mary’s tireless efforts, we are better able to understand and serve the many needs of sexual assault victims in our communities.


Teresa Scalzo, JD

For her vision, leadership, and dedication to the cause of successfully prosecuting cases of sexual assault, particularly those committed by someone known to the victim and/or facilitated with drugs and alcohol. Teresa’s tireless efforts to improve the prosecution of difficult cases have helped us to pursue justice for countless victims and hold more perpetrators accountable.


Marc LeBeau
Marc LeBeau, PhD

For his vision, leadership, and dedication to the cause of properly investigating and prosecuting sexual assault crimes, particularly those facilitated with drugs or alcohol. Because of Marc’s tireless efforts to improve our nation’s response to these difficult cases, you have helped to pursue justice for countless victims and hold more perpetrators accountable.


Anne K Ream
Anne K. Ream

For her tireless work on behalf of sexual assault survivors—particularly to ensure that we hear their voices and see their faces—so their experiences can help to create positive change in our communities.


David Lisak
David Lisak, PhD

For his research on the causes and consequences of interpersonal violence. In particular, the motives and characteristics of “undetected” rapists – men who rape but are never prosecuted.


Bill Lockyer
The Honorable Bill Lockyer

For his work to eliminate the DNA backlog in the State of California. He not only committed the necessary funds, he did so through a thoughtful allocation of resources, enhancing the effectiveness of law enforcement in solving the most heinous of crimes. Our communities are safer today because of his efforts.


Joe Biden
The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

For initiating landmark federal legislation to end violence against women and for dedication and longstanding commitment to policies that further these goals