Kerrian Beasley

I am a survivor of sexual assault. I never imagined the choice I was given to become a mother would have ever been extracted from me, yet here we are. I’ve been a part of the LGBTQ group since I was in elementary school, and having kids with my future wife was something I dreamt of when I became an adult, until it no longer became my choice. I was stripped of my rights and became a mother by force not by choice! When I finally informed my family of the situation, they were my strength, and they were ready to go to war behind me. They truly were my support team.

When I first met Detective C, I thought he was just a person coming to work just for a paycheck, and I felt he didn’t believe anything I told him. It wasn’t until I seen how committed and dedicated he was to my case and myself, did I feel like a fool for judging a “book by its cover.” He conquered every sharp turn, and every steep hill that was thrown our way throughout my rape case, and if it wasn’t for him, that demon would not be behind bars for eternity.