Cathy Almonte

Having been a victim of domestic violence, I sought drugs and alcohol to ease my pain.  My cries fell upon closed ears.  It was not until I started my artwork that I thought someone was hearing me.

Here are two pieces I have created, that describe what it means to be a survivor.

This rose is alone, but it is able to stand up on its own now.  Just like me. Just like shattered glass, I was able to pick up the pieces of my life. “One day at a time.”

Although there were many non-believers, with my newfound strength I found a lot of happiness learning to love and nurture myself.  

This piece reminds me of freedom. Freedom from abuse and freedom from societal expectations. It symbolizes the awareness that healing can occur and into the depths of the earth I trudge, facing fears.

Now, I no longer suffer in silence….my cries are heard.  I am no longer a victim. I am a survivor.