Brittany Boitnott

I was raped twice – once when I was a sophomore in college, and again when I was a first year in veterinary school. I felt isolated, alone, and lost. I felt like a statistic. “1 in 5 college women suffer sexual assault” constantly played in my head. I was the one. It wasn’t until I spoke out and sought help that I realized the one matters. I spoke to individuals that believed me and supported me. People that inspired me to continually heal, all because they simply said, “I believe you.”

Throughout this whole experience, I realized I am more than a statistic. The women that survive sexual assault and domestic violence are more than a statistic, they are our friends, sisters, mothers, and neighbors. It is so important is to support our women, to believe them, and to make a difference in their life. By believing women, you can honestly save someone’s life.