Andrayah Price

My name is Andrayah Price, and I am the founder and CEO of Resilient Voices Consultants Inc. In 2019, I was trafficked from Columbia to Charleston, South Carolina, where I was held hostage in a hotel and sexually exploited daily. It was a period of absolute terror, living in constant fear.  

I struggled with substance abuse, and my trafficker used this as another level of bondage. After being introduced to heroin, I felt my fate was sealed. Heroin, known on the streets as “dog food,” was used to train me into submission, creating a dependency that felt like being trapped in Dante’s Inferno. Despite my dreams and goals, I became a puppet, controlled by my trafficker and heroin. I felt the need to stay high to endure the multiple daily rapes, driven by fear of severe consequences.  

My trafficker was intimidating, convincing me that the only way out was death. He held my identification, birth certificate, and cell phone, making me fear for my family’s safety. Even after escaping, I hid on the streets of Charleston, afraid to reach out for help. I am living proof that this atrocity happens here in the United States, right in your backyard, and the predators seeking prey do not discriminate against age, race, creed, or gender. They put a price tag on you, and you become property. You are then dehumanized and only seen as a commodity.  

God guided me to the Navigation Center, where I met Ms. Marie Roland and, later, The Executive Director of a local anti-trafficking organization who was also a survivor. Their support was lifesaving and life-changing. The Executive Director’s lived experience and empathy helped me find my resilience, and I began my healing journey. It took years to address the trauma and substance use disorder, but with therapy, I have rediscovered myself and moved forward.  

It has been challenging trying to start my life over. There were so many things that needed to be addressed, to get out of survival mode and transition into independent living and back into society. I decided to change my name for security reasons. The Executive Director took a chance on me and hired me for an admin role at the organization, providing me with resources to recreate my life. Later I was promoted to case manager, and that was when I realized my purpose. I stopped asking GOD why that happened to me and embraced my mess for a message that needed to be paid forward to other survivors. I will forever be thankful for my employment opportunity with that organization. My season lasted two years, and after resigning, I was led by the Holy Spirit to embark on another journey.  

Despite the challenges, I am determined to make a difference. I founded Resilient Voices Consultants Inc., a nonprofit serving survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, substance use disorder, and undiagnosed mental illness. Our organization is survivor-owned and -led, emphasizing the importance of survivor leadership in providing effective support and reducing recidivism.  

At Resilient Voices Consultants Inc., we believe that survivors deserve a seat at the table. Our Board of Directors includes a survivor; we deserve a seat at the table and our voices to be heard. I am developing a comprehensive case management module titled “Through a Survivor’s Lens.” This tool will help track data and support research to improve trauma-informed training. My hope is to defend my research like a dissertation and get validation that lived experience on staff increases the chances of the survivor living a sustainable life and decreasing recidivism, because our message carries depth and weight from lived experience. It would be victorious to have this style accredited and implemented in trauma-informed pieces of training. I feel blessed to lead this organization and am committed to being a strong presence in this movement. My name is Andrayah, and I am not for sale. No one is for sale. God did not create me to be abused or exploited. Despite my struggles with depression and PTSD, I am a positive influence and a survivor. I am resilient, brave, deserving, and determined. Through Christ Jesus, I am a victor — and so are you.