Virtual Practicum Installation Guide

Virtual Practicum Installation Guide

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Step 1: Install the SAMFE Launcher

The SAMFE Launcher allows you to download and run the Virtual Practicum. Begin by clicking the button below to install the SAMFE Launcher for your operating system.

You may get a message asking whether you want to install the launcher. Click yes.

Step 2: Open the installer and create an account.

Click Create Account, then enter a valid email address as your username and password.

You’ll be asked to verify the account by email.

Step 3: Redeem your key.

Once your account is set up, click Redeem Key.

Enter your complete key exactly as you received it (letters, hyphens, and numbers).

Step 4: Download the SAMFE Virtual Practicum.

Once you redeem your key, an Install button will appear. Click Install to download the SAMFE Virtual Practicum.

When the Install button changes to Launch, the Virtual Practicum is installed and ready for use.