Responding to Trans Survivors

Responding to Trans Survivors

Investigative Interview with Emily

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In this simulation, Emily – a trans woman survivor – is interviewed by Detective Mike Crumrine who demonstrates a skillful, trauma-informed approach to interviewing transgender survivors of sexual assault. 

The simulation is part of the Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exam (SAMFE) Virtual Practicum, an interactive training that teaches each step of the medical forensic exam. Download the Virtual Practicum to view an additional simulation with a health care provider demonstrating how to develop rapport and take a medical history with a survivor who is a trans man. 

Full Interview 

Below is Emily’s full interview with Detective Mike Crumrine (2 hours 4 minutes). Emily’s part is played by an actor. The advocate is Jackie Garrett. 

Selected Interview Clips

We also feature selected clips from the interview, demonstrating specific training points. 

1. Addressing Misgendering and Repairing the Relationship (7m 10s)

3. When it Turned from Consensual to Rape (4m 31s)

5. Emily Describes Assault. “Do You Want to Take a Break?”(4m)

7. “What Happened to You Is Not Your Fault” (37s)

9. “This Isn’t on You” (1m 30s)

2. How the Perpetrator Gains Emily’s Trust and Sets the Stage (6m 10s)

4. “This Is a Safe Place” (1m 52s)

6. Explanation of Investigative Process (4m 8s)

8. Next Steps (1m 34s)

Interview Debriefing with Emily

In a debriefing session following the interview, Emily (played by an actor) offers insights based on her experience during the interview and as a trans woman. 

1. Asking About Vaginal Injury (1m 56s)

4. Not Treated like a “Curious Object” (3m 23s)

7. Managing Your Uncomfortable Feeling (2m 59s)

2. Have a Clear Purpose for Questions (1m 39s)

5. “There Is No ‘Fully Transitioned.’” (2m 3s)

3. Detective Self Disclosure, Identifying Safe People (4m 19s)

6. “Do I Matter Here?” (1m 18s)

EVAWI Resources​

EVAWI offers a number of training resources to assist law enforcement investigators conducting high-quality interviews with sexual assault survivors. 

Online Training Institute (OLTI) Modules 

​Training Bulletins​

More From the Learning Resource Room

Other resources in the Virtual Practicum’s Learning Resource Room also provide training in this area, further improving services provided to trans survivors of sexual assault and other violence. 

This project is supported by Grant No. 15JOVW-22-GK-00265-ICJR awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this program are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice.