Rachel Frost’s Sample Material

Rachel Frost’s Sample Material

Rachael Frost

Rachael Frost is a 20-year retired law enforcement veteran specializing in complete program development and training for corporations, educational facilities, law enforcement and other public agencies as an expert in a wide variety of violence recognition and response focus areas including the following areas:

Threat Assessment and Management: Learn how to address potentially violent subjects, issues associated with site and process security, reporting and response, identifying and responding to behaviors and incidents of concern, and more.

Site and Security Concerns: Trained in post-bomb investigations, counter terrorism, defensive tactics instruction, arrest and control, and assessing location and processes threats, Rachael will help you evaluate your location’s problem areas related to creating a safe work and public event site. Learn how to address daily concerns, event issues, and more from a security standpoint, with internal and external concerns, create safer working environments, and train staff in recognizing behaviors and incidents of concern, how to deal with problem individuals, plus de-escalation for violent encounters.

Leadership and Teams: A safer working environment begins with effective leadership. Effective leadership includes the creation of strong teams who understand their value and contribute to the mission.

Violence Recognition and Response: Developing complete prevention and response plans addressing a “Full Circle” response for all staff and agency members in the event of targeted violence, or natural or manmade disaster, as well as all persons and property crimes, etc., specifically domestic violence, sexual assault, and assault and battery.

Workplace Issues and Concerns: Program development and investigations regarding domestic violence, stalking, restraining orders, sexual assault, strangulation, and more. Rachael developed “We Are All EARS,” a program to address the concerns of domestic, sexual, and child abuse associated with remote workers, helping workplaces create outreach to employees working from home and in the office site.

Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT): How can your agency or workplace address problems effectively across all staff or jurisdiction by eliminating Silo Effect and working as teams? Learn how to apply an MDT response to workplace, university, or agency issues and concerns. Rachael focuses “Full Circle” program development for all issues, ensuring each internal and external consideration is evaluated and addressed.

Grant Writing: Having obtained more than $4 million in grant funds, Rachael specializes in grant writing, but also in training agency and staff to understand grants, determine their best strategy for program development, and how to write effective applications to increase likelihood of funding. Grant programs focus on sustainability and low to no-cost teams development across agencies and locations.

Title IX Investigations: Train your Title IX investigators (K-12 and universities) how to effectively conduct sexual assault and domestic abuse investigations, specifically training in “Investigating the Consent Defense,” and understanding and investigating domestic violence, stalking, strangulation, restraining orders, and more.

Abuse Investigations and Program Development: Training and program development for schools, health care facilities, workplaces, and agencies in mandated reporting, recognizing signs and symptoms of, and conducting effective investigations in: Domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, strangulation, restraining orders, lethality, familicide, child abuse, and more.

Expert Witness: Rachael has testified numerous times as an expert witness in criminal cases for both the prosecution and defense, as well as Family Law and Civil Cases, as an expert in domestic violence, stalking, strangulation, sexual assault, threat assessment, and domestic abuse restraining orders, as well as Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs).

Rachael is a member of and serves on the Law Enforcement Committee for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and also serves as the Association’s Communications Chair. She is also a member of the California Homicide Investigators Association and the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association. She is the Chief Financial Officer for Kids Court and Counseling Center (KCCC), which aims to reduce the trauma of child witnesses and victims exposed to the court system. She is the developer and operator of the non-profit arm of KCCC, the “HomeSafeHome Program” which strives to replicate disclosure options of those working and learning remotely and address issues and concerns for victims of abuse.

Currently, Rachael is the CEO of Frost ICED / Investigation, Consultation, Education & Development, a violence recognition and response firm. Clients include corporations, the U.S. Air Force, educational facilities, law enforcement and other public agencies, private business, and non-profits across the United States. Rachael is a nationally recognized trainer and program developer and believes in energizing and engaging training, refusing to provide “boring” content, working with the client to create training and programs for all areas of identified need. Her programs “We Are All EARS,” and the “HomeSafeHome Program” (a free product) are specific to addressing domestic, sexual, and child abuse within workplaces and agencies, focusing on both remote employees and on-site. More information about Rachael Frost and these programs can be found at www.frostICED.com and www.homesafehomeprogram.com.