Wendy Patrick

Wendy Patrick, JD, PhD

Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

San Diego, CA

Dr. Wendy L. Patrick is a San Diego County Deputy District Attorney, named the Ronald M. George Public Lawyer of the Year by the California State Bar’s Public Law Section. She has been recognized by her peers as one of the Top Ten criminal attorneys in San Diego by the San Diego Daily Transcript

Dr. Patrick is a veteran prosecutor with over two decades of experience. She has completed over 160 trials ranging from hate crimes, to domestic violence, to first-degree murder. Much of her career has been spent prosecuting domestic abusers, sexually violent predators, human traffickers, stalkers, rapists, and child molesters. She is a past co-chair of both the statewide California District Attorneys Association Sexually Violent Predator Committee, and Human Trafficking Committee.

Dr. Patrick´s doctoral thesis focused on the psychology of attraction used by sexual predators to ingratiate themselves with victims and their families, focusing on what can be learned from the science of seduction. She has been involved with the San Diego Domestic Violence Council, the San Diego Child Protection Team, and the Sexual Assault Response Team, from whom she received the SART Response with a Heart Award for her significant contribution to the professional field of sexual assault prosecution.

As a private consultant, Dr. Patrick researches, publishes, and trains extensively on topics related to interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and working with victims to a wide variety of educational, community, and law enforcement groups. She also serves as a trial consultant and expert witness in the area of sexual assault dynamics between perpetrators and victims, and all other areas of victimology.

For more information about Wendy Patrick, visit wendypatrickphd.com.