Sandra Ridgeway-Williams

Sandra Ridgeway-Williams

Detective, Akron Police Department (Ret.)

Sandra Ridgeway-Williams is a retired Detective from the Akron, Ohio Police Department. Throughout her 32 years with the Akron Police Department, she tried to always work to the best of her ability in every position as assigned. She was one of the original Bicycle Unit officers, which was key in jumpstarting her Community Oriented Policing Unit. She was also selected to assist in composing the departmental procedure for the officers who work in the Court Security Unit. The training she received in the Crime Scene Unit enabled her to be an instructor at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, where she trained officers from around the state on how to process crime scenes. Ridgeway-Williams received Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) training, which only a limited number of Akron Officers have completed, which she utilized during her Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) survivor interviews, as well as during her suspect interrogations.

Ridgeway-Williams’ final assignment with the Akron Police Department was as a SAKI Investigator. She believed that she was able to help the sexual assault survivors have “their say” by providing an opportunity to have their stories told and believed. Although many of the survivors chose not to move forward with their cases, most of them thanked her for “finally” contacting them, for apologizing for how they were dismissed by the initial investigators, and for the Akron Police Department’s efforts to try and make things right.

During Ridgeway-Williams’ amazing life’s journey, she has been blessed with a fun-loving and ever-supportive husband for over 25 years; an adult son who proclaims that his desire to succeed comes from watching her never quitting and striving to always reach for higher goals; and a solid core of close friends who have been some of her most loyal cheerleaders.

Ridgeway-Williams is excited at the opportunity to be an Associate Board Member of End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI).