Rachell A. Ekroos

Rachell A. Ekroos

Rachel Ekroos

Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence International (CFNEI)

Rachell’s forensic nursing practice is guided by a philosophy encompassing integrity (personal, professional, and organizational), humility, respect for persons, justice, and ethics. Throughout her career she has actively advocated for establishing forensic medical standards of care that are grounded in research and theory for both victims and perpetrators of violence. Through CFNEI Rachell has provided forensic nursing and medico-legal education, case consultations, research collaboration and direct patient services in a myriad of settings through partnerships with individuals, communities, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

As an ARNP with an independent forensic nursing practice, Rachell has expanded forensic nursing practice into highly specialized areas including forensic medical evaluations of persons seeking asylum who have been physically and/or sexually tortured, case consultations involving technology facilitated crimes against children (e.g. child pornography), commercial sexual exploitation of children, and trafficking of persons. Rachell also provides educational workshops and trainings related to clinical forensic photodocumentation and ethics in forensic nursing practice.

Rachell is currently completing a PhD in nursing with a scholarly focus on the ethical dimensions of forensic nursing practice. Her doctoral studies also include research related to forensic nursing photodocumentation and digital imaging practices. Areas of scholarly inquiry in forensic nursing include sexual violence across the lifespan; clinical, professional and organizational ethics; role conflict and uncertainty; conflicts of interest and conflicting interests.