Rachael Frost

Rachael Frost

Master Investigator, Riverside County Sheriff’s Office (Ret.), Chief Executive Officer, Frost ICED

Murrieta, CA

Master Investigator (Ret.) Rachael Frost is a 20-year retired law enforcement veteran from Southern California and the Chief Executive Officer for Frost ICED / Investigation, Consultation Education & Development, a full-service violence recognition and response firm. Rachael specializes in complete program development and training for corporations, educational facilities, law enforcement and other businesses and public agencies.

Rachael is a member of the Law Enforcement Committee for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and also serves as the Association’s Communications Chair. She is a member of the California Homicide Investigators Association and the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association. Rachael is the Chief Financial Officer for Kids Court and Counseling Center (KCCC), which aims to reduce the trauma of child witnesses and victims exposed to the court system. She is the developer and operator of the proposed non-profit arm of KCCC, the “HomeSafeHome Program” which strives to replicate disclosure options of those working and learning remotely and address issues and concerns for victims of abuse.

Rachael’s clients at Frost ICED include corporations, the U.S. Air Force, educational facilities, law enforcement and other public agencies, private business, and non-profits across the United States. She is a nationally recognized trainer and program developer and believes in energizing and engaging training, refusing to provide “boring” content, working with the client to create training and programs for all areas of identified need. Her programs “We Are All EARS,” and the “HomeSafeHome Program” (a free product) are specific to addressing domestic and sexual violence and child abuse within workplaces and agencies, focusing on both remote and on-site employees. More information about Rachael Frost and these programs can be found at www.frostICED.com and www.homesafehomeprogram.com.

  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Site and Security Concerns
  • Leadership and Teams
  • Workplace Issues and Concerns
  • Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT)
  • Grant Writing
  • Title IX Investigations
  • Abuse Investigations and Program Development (Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Strangulation, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, etc.)
  • Expert Witness (Criminal Family Law, Civil) for case preparation, evaluation, testimony and more.
  • Police Procedures