Nancy O’Malley

Nancy O'Malley

Nancy O’Malley
District Attorney
Alameda County District Attorney’s Office

Nancy E. O’Malley is the first woman to serve as Alameda County’s District Attorney. She is a national and statewide leader known for her innovation and vision. She has made combating violence against women a high priority and is a nationally recognized expert in interpersonal violence and human trafficking. DA O’Malley has written more than 61 bills that have become law in California, a majority of which enhance the rights and protections of victims of crime. She was the main advocate in securing millions of federal dollars to be allocated to law enforcement for the purpose of eliminating the backlog of untested sexual assault kits and building strong partnerships with community-based Rape Crisis Centers across the country. DA O’Malley wrote and co-sponsored legislation to require time specific mandatory submission by law enforcement and mandatory testing of sexual assault forensic kits by crime labs; she wrote and co-sponsored legislation that created a separate law enforcement database, Safe-T, that requires law enforcement to enter all sexual assault forensic kit information for specific trafficking; she wrote and co-sponsored legislation to provide victim-survivors of sexual assault crimes access to their case in Safe-T. DA O’Malley also wrote and sponsored the California Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights.

In 2005, DA O’Malley created the Alameda County Family Justice Center (ACFJC). This “1-Stop Center” has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, as one of the 20 models of collaborative and comprehensive care programs. The ACFJC now includes a licensed Trauma Recovery Center, providing mental health services for crime victims to treat trauma.

DA O’Malley has received numerous prestigious awards for her leadership, including the ABA Margaret Brent Award, the Lois Haight Award of Excellence and Innovation Award from the United States Congress, the California James Irvine Leadership Award to name a few. Her contributions to the community, to the State of California and to the Country are numerous and significant.