Michael J. Rourke

Michael Rourke

Michael J. Rourke, JD
Weld County District Attorney

Michael Rourke is the Weld County District Attorney, having been elected to the position in 2016. He was first appointed District Attorney in January 2015 by Governor John Hickenlooper. He has been a prosecutor since 1997, both in the 18th and 19th Judicial District Attorney’s Offices. During his career, DA Rourke has prosecuted multiple first-degree murder cases, numerous sexual assaults, sexual assault on children, and crimes of violence cases. In 2010, the Colorado District Attorney’s Council named DA Rourke as the co-recipient of the Robert R. Gallagher Prosecutor of the Year Award. He was a co-presenter for the Colorado District Attorney Council’s (CDAC) Keynote address at the 2013 annual conference and received the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Criminal Justice Award in 2015. DA Rourke is the immediate past president of the CDAC and is the Colorado State Director to the National District Attorney’s Association.