Kristin Littel

Kristin Littel

Consultant on Interpersonal Violence Response and Prevention
Seaville, NJ

For almost 25 years, Kristin Littel has been consulting with agencies to aid them in the process of identifying effective practices in intervening in and preventing sexual and domestic violence and stalking, and to create technical assistance and training tools to support the implementation of such practices. She has consulted with 24 organizations to date on almost 100 projects. Kristin is sought out for her breadth of knowledge, critical thinking, thoroughness and writing. Key consulting themes over the last 10 years have included: moving the needs of traditionally marginalized groups of survivors from the margins to center focus of our work; expanding the types of violence on our collective radar; and spelling out the discipline-specific and multidisciplinary details about what it means to be victim-centered, trauma-informed and collaborative in response and prevention efforts.

Kristin got her start in this field in 1990, volunteering as a victim advocate in Cincinnati, OH. At the time, she was working as a college student affairs professional and advised several students affected by trauma from sexual and domestic violence. Volunteering helped Kristin to better understand their experiences and, subsequently, to be more helpful to them as a mentor. It also made her realize that she wanted to delve more deeply into the work of strengthening the capacity of communities to prevent gendered-based violence and intervene effectively when it occurs. Over the next several years, she worked at community-based victim advocacy programs in Yakima, WA (assistant coordinator), Richmond, VA (volunteer) and Fredericksburg, VA (executive director). Through these roles, she provided a range of victim services, built relationships across disciplines and with community groups to widen survivor outreach, developed materials, trained and supervised staff, engaged communities in prevention efforts, and promoted policies that support survivors. She has also served on boards and councils at the local and state levels.

In 1996, she began providing technical assistance to state VAWA STOP grant administrators and grantees across the nation. This inspiring work opened the door for Kristin to independent consulting. She has been honored over the years to partner with many agencies and professionals striving to address gaps in their community response and prevention efforts.

  • Multidisciplinary response and collaboration
  • Victim-centered, trauma-informed practices
  • Responding to victims from different populations
  • Response in different settings (community, colleges, correctional facilities, etc.)
  • Sexual assault medical forensic examinations
  • Tool development to standardize best practices