Joshua Helton

Joshua Helton

Peace Officer, Davis Police Department

Davis, CA

Joshua Helton is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with the Davis (California) Police Department, specializing in training on investigation of non-fatal strangulation assaults and intimate partner violence cases. He also trains on modern interview and interrogation strategies, along with trauma-informed interviewing. In addition, Joshua testifies as an expert witness on strangulation assaults and intimate partner violence dynamics.

Joshua serves as a faculty member with the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention and is an instructor for advocate-certification training for regional community-based advocacy organizations. He is a member of the End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) Cadre of Experts, a group of top professionals in the field of criminal justice response to sexual assault and gender-based violence.

During his tenure in law enforcement, Joshua’s assignments have included patrol officer, detective, cadet program advisor, and evidence response team member. Based on this experience, Joshua learned the most effective criminal justice responses occur when professionals collaborate to bring a multidisciplinary perspective to their work. His current projects involve advocating for improved multidisciplinary responses to intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and non-fatal strangulation assaults, along with encouraging the use of modern, trauma-informed interviewing techniques by criminal justice practitioners.

  • Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Intimate Partner Violence Investigations
  • Strangulation Assault Investigations
  • Trauma-informed Interviewing
  • Investigative Interviewing