Jackie Casey

Jackie Casey

Executive Director, Gastro Intestinal Research Foundation

Jackie Casey’s mother instilled in her a sense of purposeful living where every person can make a positive difference in the world ‒ one day at a time, and one person at a time. Her mother was a survivor of domestic abuse and a woman of strong faith, and these experiences led her to a life of service, always trying to put herself in someone else’s shoes. Casey’s mother passed that approach to life on to her. She grew up as a fundraiser, collecting money for the March of Dimes, gathering clothes for the poor, delivering meals on wheels, and taking those without a home or meal into her own home to share what they had.

Amidst a challenging home life ruled by the dichotomies of alcoholism, a life evolves. Casey’s life has had many powerful successes, including swimming awards, high academic achievement, and meaningful paid and volunteer work. Yet it has also had challenges that have shaped her, including feelings of deep isolation, domestic violence, and sexual assault as a young woman. Lifelong struggles with clinical depression, and feelings of constantly being judged from within, have positioned Casey for a life of nonjudgmental service to others and gratifying racial and social justice work.

A 30-year career as a nonprofit executive has afforded Casey the opportunity for service-driven leadership, with a return on purpose. Coupled with a passion for lifelong learning, each new work and volunteer role has provided the chance to confront a new issue, engage with more people, and embrace both organizational mission and advancement.

Each day, Casey dedicates herself to advancing the organizations for which she works and with whom she volunteers through a focus on mission, impact, and relationships. Casey has served on the Board of Directors for End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) since 2022.