David Lisak, PhD

David Lisak

Forensic Consultant, Placitas, NM

Dr. David Lisak is a researcher and forensic consultant who for 30+ years has studied the causes and consequences of interpersonal violence. His work has focused on the long-term effects of sexual abuse in men, the relationship between child abuse and violence, and the motives and characteristics of rapists. Dr. Lisak has served as a consultant to judicial, prosecutor and law enforcement education programs across the country, and has conducted workshops in all fifty states. He consults widely with universities, the four services of the U.S. Military, the Department of Defense, and other institutions regarding sexual assault prevention and policies, and frequently serves as an expert witness in homicide and sexual assault cases. Dr. Lisak is a founding member of 1in6, a non-profit agency that serves men who were sexually abused as children.