Anna Nasset

Anna Nasset

Founder, Speaker, Stand Up Resources

Anna Nasset is the owner of Stand Up Resources, which provides training on stalking and sexual assault and graphic and web design for victim service agencies. 

Anna has been an on-going victim of stalking by a man she does not know for the last decade and turns her experience of sexual and psychological abuse into that of speaking, outreach, and activism. In 2019 the offender received the maximum sentence for aggravated felony stalking, ten years. With her newfound freedom, Anna now works to change the story, to stand up and speak up, to educate others on the crime of stalking. She is passionate about assisting first responders, victim service providers, and community members in protecting and serving stalking victims.

Anna is an international speaker specializing in the subject of stalking. She works with law enforcement, victim service agencies, state and local agencies, the Department of Defense, universities, businesses, and organizations to be part of the solution. She is an authority on addressing stalking, navigating the criminal justice system, empathy, believability, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, and works to educate people on victim-centered practices. Anna addresses these complex subjects with her energetic nature and positive voice for change, awareness, and justice.

Anna graduated from Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana, in 2002 with a degree in fine arts. She went on to own Artisans on Taylor Gallery in Port Townsend, WA, which she sadly had to close due to the crime of stalking. After relocating to Vermont, she founded Stand Up Resources in 2018.

Anna is also a collaborative partner with Difference Makers 10 Strong and Appriss VINElink. She hosts a podcast, “The Mend” (sponsored by the Center for Crime Victim Services), which focuses on topics and services to support crime victims. She resides in the Green Mountains of Vermont with her 3-legged chihuahua Dolly Parton where she is also working on her first book. Learn more about Anna at

 “After years of receiving incredible services from victim service providers, I want to, and I need to, give back for all that has been done for my safety. EVAWI is the organization that trained my providers and responders. I want to work to ensure the incredible training and resources continue so that every victim receives the care that I have received. I am excited to lend my skills and experience to EVAWI to ensure the mission and training continues.”