Join EVAWI’s Legacy Society

Join EVAWI’s Legacy Society

Planned gifts are important in sustaining the mission of EVAWI and providing for its long-term financial security. A planned gift to EVAWI allows us to look forward with confidence to ensure a future stream of support, enabling EVAWI to continue its efforts to end gender-based violence. Your thoughtful gift will help sustain EVAWI’s services for generations to come and will extend your involvement beyond your lifetime. Such gifts can include naming EVAWI a beneficiary of a will, retirement plan, living trust, life insurance policy, or any other gift that benefits EVAWI in the future.

The type of asset you give, and the way you transfer it to EVAWI, will determine the tax and financial benefits resulting from your gift. Please consider the following options:

Gifts of Cash

Your out-of-pocket cost of a cash gift is less than the dollar amount of the gift because of the charitable income-tax deduction. Example: A person in the 20% tax bracket can contribute $1,000 at an actual cost of $720.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifting highly appreciated, long-held (more than 12 months) securities is an effective way to maximize your tax deductions and avoid capital gains taxes.

Gifts of Life Insurance Policies

If the original need for which a policy was purchased no longer exists, a gift of the asset is rewarding, particularly if that policy is fully paid. You can simply change your beneficiary to EVAWI.

Gifts of IRA’s

If you give an IRA to heirs, they would pay income tax. Because EVAWI is tax exempt, EVAWI will not pay income taxes and may be assigned as a beneficiary through a simple change of beneficiary form, avoiding probate as well.

Consult your financial advisor for further guidance. If you have already included EVAWI in your legacy plans, please let us know so we can acknowledge you as a Legacy Society member and recognize your support.