Donors and Partners

Donors and Partners

Investing in justice benefits all of us.
Thank you for protecting victims, preventing future violence, and transforming communities.


Thank you to the generous individuals who donated this month. You make it possible for survivors to pursue justice and healing. Together we can ensure they’re treated with dignity and respect.

Alison Jones-Lockwood
Aly Se
Andrea Barchi
Andrea Munford
Angie Povilaitis
Ann Burdges
Antoinette Bonsignore
Aspen Laneman
Aurelia Sands Belle
Brittany Coleman
Caleb Coleman
Carol Olson
Casey Bilanovia
Cate Adelman
Cathy Fox
Christen Boas Hayes
Cyndee Solomon

Dana Chartier
Dawn Borrelli
Debra Robison
Diana Faugno
Diane Low
Elizabeth Donegan
Eronn Cantu
Evie Craig
Genevieve Waller
Georgia Davenport
Heather MPC
Heather Nuop
Hiral Cecco
Hisayo Noda
Janelle Buckley
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer LaCoss

Jennifer Levy-Peck
Jenny Kerr
Jessica Alford
Jill Erickson
Jill Kip
Jordan B P Paranihi
Kara Smith
Katie Leithead
Kelly Poor
Kim Lonsway
Laura Egan
Laura McMullen
Lauren Hayes
Lisa GML
Mandy Sumner
Mark Frederick
Mark Wynn

Michael Byars
Mindy Olimpi-Zucca
Naome Pangilinan
Nicolas Andrew
Rebecca Robbins
Rich Templin
Sandy Stefanko
Shannon May
Stephanie Cullen
Sue Gallagher
Susan Wogan
Ted Robbins
Tony Lin
Traci Hall
Victoria Vacante


Thank you for your partnership in the fight against gender-based violence.

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Contact Jacque Bassett to learn how YOUR organizations can partner with EVAWI to help survivors seek justice.