Donors and Partners

Donors and Partners

Investing in justice benefits all of us.
Thank you for protecting victims, preventing future violence, and transforming communities.


Thank you to the generous individuals who donated this month. You make it possible for survivors to pursue justice and healing. Together we can ensure they’re treated with dignity and respect.

Aubrey Ahlman
Jordan B P Paranihi
Sabrina Bailey
Andrea Barchi
Eric Barreras
Monica Biddix
Hillary Blevins Deegan
Antoinette Bonsignore
Janelle Buckley
Ann Burdges
Zacary Casey
Caleb Coleman
Lauren Crawford
Colleen Dalton
Rachel Dissell
Elizabeth Donegan
Miriam Falk
Diana Faugno
Gloria Fennell

Ellen Galvez Robinson
Lance Gibson
Katie Grant
Natasha Guynes
Samantha Gwinn
Shelia Harris
Tom Haugen
Terry Heck
Miyoko Hikiji
Angela Hodges
George Hopkins
Jennifer Howerth
Laura Hubka
K. M. Hutchinson
Emily Iseli
Laurie Jaffe
Catherine Johnson
Alison Jones-Lockwood
Jennifer LaCoss

Katie Leithead
Joyce Mccombs
Elle Mcguinness
Laura McMullen
Stacey Mitchell
Andrea Munford
Debi Nagle
Connor Newberry
Robert Newman
Arlene Nock
Becky & Peter Olafsen
Carol Olson
Naome Pangilinan
Jen Pellant
Jensen Pennelli
Bruce Pitt-Payne
Andrea Poole
Angie Povilaitis
Gwendolyn Reasor

Maria Reeder
Debra Robison
Jill Shudak
Bal Sindal
Sandy Stefanko
Joseph Surovy
Matt Tapscott
Jen Tarnowski
Liana Tellez
Linda Terrell
Beya Thayer
Michelle Thomas
Christian Ucles
Genevieve Waller
Michael Weaver
Susan Williams
Chelsea Young


Thank you for your partnership in the fight against gender-based violence.

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Contact Jacque Bassett to learn how YOUR organizations can partner with EVAWI to help survivors seek justice.