Patience Ashorkor Quaye

Patience Ashorkor Quaye


Patience Ashorkor Quaye, Assistant Commissioner of Police (retired), is a resolute champion of change in combatting human trafficking and gender-based violence in Ghana. Joining the Ghana Police Service in 1977, Patience Quaye’s journey in law enforcement has been marked by extraordinary achievements. Her pivotal role in establishing and leading the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, along with serving in key positions at INTERPOL and the Ghana Police Academy, have cemented her as a trailblazer in West Africa’s fight against human trafficking.

Notably, Ms. Quaye is responsible for the prosecution and conviction of Ghana’s first trafficking case, setting a precedent for justice for survivors of these crimes. Her dedication earned her the Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award in 2007, and she continues to make lasting contributions to anti-trafficking efforts.

Ms. Quaye believes that combatting human trafficking and gender-based violence requires criminal justice professionals, health care providers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work hand-in-hand. Having the training to strategically address these issues is critical to their success. For this reason, Ms. Quaye has organized a delegation from Ghana to attend EVAWI’s international conference for half a decade, where they hear from top experts, learn from peers around the globe, and share lessons from their own experiences. Each year, this group is made up of 20-30 law enforcement officers, prosecutors, doctors, anti-Human trafficking investigators, INTERPOL officers, and government officials.

Today Ms. Quaye serves as Chief Executive Director of the Giving Hope Foundation, a Ghanaian NGO working to prevent human trafficking and empower survivors. Internationally respected for her leadership and expertise, she trains law enforcement, governments, and task forces around the world. At the local level, through community outreach programs and collaborations with NGOs, she works to improve the lives of women and children.

For her visionary leadership in the pursuit of justice and relentless work towards a brighter future, EVAWI honors Ms. Quaye as a champion of change. She is a testament to the difference one dedicated individual can make in the world.