The Unreported: How Data Beyond Reported Incidents Can Drive Measurable Change

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Originally Aired
April 20, 2022

Sheri Kurdakul
Sheri Kurdakul
Chief Executive Officer

Most domestic violence and sexual assault go unreported. The “National Domestic Violence Prosecution Best Practices Guide” (2017) found that nationwide in the US, 80% of all the cases that were reported, were dismissed largely due to a lack of evidence. We know that victims suffer multiple incidents of domestic violence before they make their first call for help and that they leave and return to an abusive relationship an average of seven times before they leave for good. What we have is a huge void in the actual specifics of what is really taking place in these abusive environments. 

Attendees will look at a sample of data from a tool used by victims to document in (close to) real-time the specifics of what is happening to them and explore how this information can help law enforcement, community leaders, healthcare providers, victim advocates, prosecutors, and law makers design and implement more effective responses, programs, procedures, and legal policies that better serve survivors. The presenter will show how data transparency can support collaborative efforts in sharing best practices across entities and regions and holding these programs and those in authoritative position to a high ethical standard.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Recognize the different types and sources of data available,
  • Identify strategies to leverage “real time” data to better understand how it can affect your programs.
  • Create educational materials using this data.
  • Identify and access other organizations using the data to collaborate for better outcomes.

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