Taking Guns Away From Domestic Violence Offenders, and Keeping Them Away

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90 Minutes

Originally Aired
April 6, 2021

Jennifer Waindle
Jennifer Waindle, MS
Investigator, DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office
David Keck
David Keck
Project Director, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms

This interactive workshop will provide an overview of firearm surrender protocols that have been implemented in various settings across the country. There are three types of this protocol: court-centered, law enforcement-centered, and probation-centered. Although this workshop slightly emphasizes the probation centered protocol, it is not intended for probation agents exclusively. It is instead intended to explore the strengths of probation centered firearm surrender protocols, especially in collaboration with the legal system overall. It is therefore intended to address law enforcement, the judiciary, domestic violence advocates, prosecutors, defense counsel, and probation officers through civil and criminal justice protocols. In addition to statistical research, the presenters also explore the practical application of surrender protocols as well as practical tips on implementing firearm surrender protocols in your community utilizing either federal or state law to your benefit.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify which types of civil and criminal cases qualify for firearm removal.
  • Identify solutions to obstacles preventing firearm removal in your jurisdiction. 
  • Evaluate some tangible examples of model surrender protocols being implemented in other communities nationwide.
  • Discuss strategies to prevent future access to firearms by prohibited offenders.

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