Stop Bouncing Cases: Using Cross Deputized Prosecutors in Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Cases

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90 Minutes

Originally Aired
April 7, 2021

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Jeannie Bryant, JD
Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Clark County Prosecuting Attorney
Mike Davis
Mike Davis
Sergeant (Ret.), City of Vancouver, Washington Police Department

This workshop, presented by a senior deputy prosecuting attorney and a police sergeant, will explain the successful use of cross deputized prosecutors working in a family justice center or domestic violence prosecution unit. Prosecutors often work in silos of misdemeanor and felony cases, thereby causing a case to be transferred to different prosecutor when a felony crime is uncovered in the course of a misdemeanor case. This often can result in delays, additional interviews for victims, witnesses and a potentially inconsistent response to offender behavior. City prosecutors who charge misdemeanors and county prosecutors who charge felonies can be cross deputized to maintain a case with the same prosecutor as it evolves. Most notably, intimate partner sexual violence can better be addressed using this strategy; in partnership with a law enforcement and advocacy team.

The presenters will provide practical tools for working with victims using cross-deputized prosecutors. Topics will include how to build a collaborative multidisciplinary team including cross-deputized prosecutors, better assess for sexual violence and appropriate charging decisions to hold offenders accountable. Case examples will also be used to show successful responses to sexual assault in the context of domestic violence. This workshop offers participants a chance to understand the formation of a collaborative domestic violence prosecution center that includes law enforcement and advocacy responses, and the development of protocols for these cases.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the prevalence, importance, and dynamics of intimate partner sexual violence and related crimes.
  • Establish partnerships and agreements to form a team using cross-deputized prosecutors.
  • Apply practical strategies for assessment of and response to sexual violence in domestic violence cases by law enforcement and advocates.
  • Explain strategies for pursuing an evidence-based case for prosecution.

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