STALKED: A Case Study

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STALKED: A Case Study

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75 Minutes

Originally Aired
April; 11, 2023

Anna Nasset
Anna Nasset
Owner, Stand Up Resources

Anna Nasset will share her experience as a victim of stalking for over a decade. Through the years, Ms. Nasset has worked with nearly 100 service providers and community members, and successfully experienced prosecution. From the moment Ms. Nasset first reported the behavior and actions of a stranger who was stalking her, to sentencing eight years later, law enforcement, advocates, judges, prosecuting attorneys, and others have worked together as a multidisciplinary team alongside her every step of the way, from across the country and in multiple states. The involvement and support of the team resulted in a conviction of felony aggravated stalking and felony cyber stalking in 2019. The offender was sentenced to the maximum of 10 years in prison.

Ms. Nasset highlights the positive and lifesaving work of these individuals throughout her case study and gives concrete examples for victim service providers when working with victims of stalking or other crimes. She educates on the importance of victim centered involvement for victims of stalking and shares the success and impact these practices have had on her case and life.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe tactics professionals can utilize to encourage, empathize, and empower victims.
  • State the pitfalls and hurdles victim/survivors might have when engaging in the criminal justice process.
  • Identify the importance of distinguishing each victim/survivor’s independent experience.

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