Spiritual Abuse: Allyships with Faith Communities: Trauma-Informed Leaders Supporting Survivors

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60 Minutes

Originally Aired
April 11, 2023

Tracy Rector
Tracy Rector
Executive Producer
No Ordinary Love
Neil Schori
Neil Schori
The Edge Church

Faith communities are often reluctant to invite the secular world into their space. This webinar focuses on creating change in domestic violence advocates’ relationships with these communities by showing how faith leaders can create a safe space for victims. Victims of faith go to their faith leader first for help with an abusive relationship. Creating change in this area by having informed and involved faith leaders is imperative.

The presenters will break down spiritual abuse from a survivor’s perspective, plus show film scenes from an impactful movie (which gives an authentic look at domestic violence) to illustrate the tactics spiritual abusers use as shown on the Spiritual Abuse Power & Control Wheel. As co-presenter, a pastor will share his first-hand experience counseling a survivor and serving as a key witness at trial for a woman who went missing and was allegedly murdered by her abuser. The presenters will discuss making faith communities a safe place for survivors, pastoral care for victims and abusers, faith leaders as first responders and observing domestic violence awareness month in faith communities.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe the tactics spiritual abusers use on their victims as shown on the Spiritual Abuse Power and Control Wheel.
  • Explain faith leaders’ role in supporting survivors.
  • Identify ways a faith community can become a domestic violence informed, safe space for victims. 
  • Implement ways to create relationships with faith communities, inviting them to be domestic violence advocates

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