Opioid Addiction and Interpersonal Violence

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90 Minutes

Originally Aired
June 9, 2021

Wendy Patrick
Wendy Patrick
Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office
Cadre of Experts, EVAWI

Substance abuse and addiction impacts individuals, interpersonal relationships, and the community at large. The connection between alcohol and domestic violence has long been established, but what about other drugs? This program will examine the link between opioid addiction and interpersonal violence. Although there are significant differences in terms of progression, treatment, and outcome, addressing drug use within relationships involves an understanding of the unique aspects of opioid addiction, how it develops, and best practices for treatment both individually, and relationally.   

This program will cover the types of drugs that are commonly used within relationships, how drug use can progress to abuse, and how different types of drugs produce different types of behavior. It will also cover areas of individual differences such as provocation and predisposition, and present some red flags signaling problematic drug use, and other indications of potential dangerousness.   


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand how to identify the link between opioid use and violence within interpersonal relationships. 
  • Learn how opioid addiction and alcohol abuse impact intimate relationships differently. 
  • Become familiar with the red flags signaling predisposition to opioid addiction. 
  • Learn the difference between opioid use and abuse, and the respective impact on violent behavior.  
  • Develop best practices to determine different methods of intervention to stop the cycle of interpersonal violence stemming from opioid use. 


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