Online Solicitation of Youth and When it Becomes Commercial Exploitation

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90 Minutes

Originally Aired
April 20, 2022

Kate LePage
Kate LePage
East Central Safe Harbor Regional Navigator
Lutheran Social Service
Nick Riba
Nick Riba
Special Agent, Predatory Crimes Section Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

During this session, the presenters will discuss online solicitation of youth and when it becomes a criminal case. The presenters will showcase aspects in online cases of exploitation and how they differ from in-person sex trafficking and exploitation transactions. The presenters will use case scenarios, federal and Minnesota statutes, as well as their experience facilitating chat stings and seeing cases through to prosecution, to equip attendees with information about the criminal components needed for online solicitations to move forward in the court system. The presentation will also provide attendees with avenues to monitor online activity, a minor’s rights to privacy, criminal aspects of the issue, and how to collaborate effectively with community and systems-based partners. Lastly, the presenters will discuss consistent social media platforms and various up-and-coming platforms gaining traction in Minnesota since the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act was passed in 2018. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what makes a case of online solicitation criminal, and the steps that can be taken by law enforcement, social services, advocacy, and parents or caregivers. This session will accomplish these objectives through lecture, sharing personal experiences, and case scenarios.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the criminal aspects of “sexting” and leave with an understanding of what components determine whether a criminal case is possible. 
  • Explain the legal differences between erotica and child abuse imagery and various statutes that can be used to prosecute cases involving online solicitation and how to meet statutory guidelines. 
  • Identify how to screen and follow up on cases involving online transactions of photos or videos from a multidisciplinary approach. 
  • Recognize resources to support their work with investigations, youth, and parents.

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