How Do We Know We Are Making a Difference? A FREE Outcome Measurement Tool for Victim Service Providers Nationwide 

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75 minutes

Originally Aired
May 14, 2024

Jasmine Engleton
Jasmine Engleton
Research Analyst
Justice Information Resource Network
Jon Douglass Bailey
Jon Douglass Bailey
Performance Vistas
Jaclyn Houston-Kolnik
Senior Research and Community Psychologist
RTI International

How do we know that the services we provide are making a difference in survivor’s lives? It’s such an important question, but one that can be difficult for providers to answer. Often programs track performance through program outputs – information about how hard their programs are working, such as the number of victims served, or services provided. Although these measures are important, they do not tell whether programs are achieving their intended outcomes for victims and survivors.  

To understand the impact of services on survivors’ lives, it is best to ask the people receiving the services. iMPRoVE (Measures for Providers Responding to Victimization Experiences) is a free tool to help victim service providers measure service outcomes and survivor perceptions of the quality of services. Service providers can use the iMPRoVE tool to collect feedback directly from the people receiving services. iMPRoVE benefits providers by giving concrete data that can be used to demonstrate that services are making a difference for person impact by crime. It also gives voice to survivors and enables them to provide input on the strengths and challenges of service delivery. Providers can use this information for continuous improvement, for educating the community, and for engaging funders. 

iMPRoVE was developed with support and collaboration from the U.S. Office for Victims of Crime, Office on Violence Against Women, and the National Institute of Justice, and heavy involvement of survivors and experts from across the victim service field. iMPRoVE is an easy-to-use online platform that helps victim service providers create customized, accessible online surveys that provide survivors with the opportunity to share feedback securely and anonymously on the services they received. It also helps providers to see and analyze their findings through an interactive data dashboard. 

This presentation examines the importance of measuring service outcomes and how the shift from measuring outputs to outcomes is critical for victim service providers and the larger victim service field. It describes the development of iMPRoVE and highlights what we know from iMPRoVE about survivors’ perceptions of the outcomes and quality of different service portfolios. It summarizes findings from providers who have used the platform to understand the outcomes of services for victims of gender-based violence. Finally, the presentation describes how iMPRoVE findings can be used for program sustainability, growth, and improvement, even during challenging fiscal times. 


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand how iMPRoVE can help service providers throughout the nation measure the outcomes of services they provide to survivors. 
  • Examine what survivors are reporting about the effects of services on their lives and the quality of those services. 
  • Explore how responses may differ among different survivor groups and provider characteristics. 
  • Understand best practices in client survey administration and explore how  these can be incorporated by different types of service providers. 
  • Engage in brainstorming about how outcomes data can be used to support survivors. 
  • Identify what additional resources or support providers need to measure outcomes with a tool like iMPRoVE. 

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