Cultivating Culture Change & Improving Collaboration Among Criminal Justice Professionals

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45 Minutes

Originally Aired
April 13, 2023

Justin Wood
Justin Wood, JD
General Counsel and Vice President of External Relations
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Nicole Martinez
Adminstrator, Sexual Assault Survivor’s Task Force

This presentation will highlight the progress the Texas Sexual Assault Survivors’ Task Force (SASTF) has made in cultivating meaningful change and collaboration among criminal justice professionals through the creation of two subject-matter-expert working groups that work collaboratively with survivors and advocates to advance targeted system improvements in Texas.

Discussion includes: 1) the benefits of partnering law enforcement officers and prosecutors with survivors and advocates to target system change; 2) a case study describing the outcomes of a successful law enforcement training review resulting in key recommendations for improved trauma-informed and survivor-centered sexual assault investigations in Texas; 3) a case study describing the development of a benchmark First Responder Sexual Assault Guide including best practices for officers responding to sexual assaults. In addition, presenters will review the SASTF’s past legislative accomplishments including groundbreaking survivor-centered policy recommendations to increase access to forensic exams, and the SASTF’s current legislative priorities.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe the value of survivor inclusion & a survivor-centered approach in system-change projects.
  • Integrate survivors, advocates, & criminal justice professionals into multidisciplinary working groups.
  • Design & implement large-scale, multi-participant law enforcement training improvement initiatives.
  • Describe the benefits of statewide task forces to evolve a state’s response to sexual assault.
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