On December 17th, we celebrated five courageous and visionary leaders at our 2020 Award Ceremony. Several of our friends and allies were able to join us for this inspiring event, where we had the pleasure of hearing from Jackson Katz, Andrea Munford, Ashley Fantz, Susannah Grant, and Sarah Timberman.

In case you were unable to attend, we want to give you the chance to relive the magic and re-energize your spirit by watching this recording:

2020 Award Recipients

Jackson Katz
Jackson Katz, PhD

For his pioneering scholarship and game-changing activism to address challenges related to gender, race and violence. Dr. Katz has led the way for other men – and women – working to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence.

Andrea Munford
Detective Lt. Andrea Munford

For her victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to investigating Larry Nassar, a predator who abused victims for decades, even after multiple victims reported their abuse. Lt. Munford’s passion for ensuring survivors are treated with the utmost compassion, sensitivity and respect, resulted in over 150 survivors having their voices heard during a 7-day sentencing, culminating in a 175-year prison sentence.

Ashley Fantz
Ashley Fantz

For her outstanding investigative journalism with CNN Investigates, which resulted in the groundbreaking series ‘Destroyed: How the trashing of rape kits failed victims and jeopardizes public safety.’ This in-depth, 3-year project illuminated the challenges associated with sexual assault investigations and forensic evidence kits, paving the way for meaningful reforms in law enforcement practices across the country.

Unbelievable Poster
Susannah Grant
and Sarah Timberman

For their vision and leadership to create ‘Unbelievable,’ a powerful Netflix series that tells a tale of unspeakable trauma, unwavering tenacity, and astounding resilience. Inspired by true events, the series inspires change on a personal and individual level, which joins to become a powerful force for reform on the institutional and global level.

Award Criteria

EVAWI’s Visionary Award is designed to recognize individuals for their vision and leadership in ending violence against women. Recipients are thus honored for their individual vision and dedication, rather than the work of an organization. The award is given to an individual who has advanced the field through research or practice, which has increased public awareness of the problem of violence against women and improved the response of criminal justice and community systems. Recipients of the Visionary Award must have victim sensitivity and offender accountability at the center of their professional mission, and they must have demonstrated a willingness to face existing problems and gaps in service and respond by designing, implementing, and evaluating innovative solutions. Because this type of vision, leadership, and innovation is likely to have its detractors – both within society and in the professional disciplines — the award is designed to recognize the courage of recipients to challenge conventional wisdom and assume the personal and professional risks involved in pursuing these goals.

Award Criteria

This award is given to professionals whose work has significantly influenced their community’s response to violence against women. Individuals receiving this award are recognized for their passionate engagement, heartfelt commitment, and tireless dedication to the cause. They know that the only way to create real and lasting change is to work collaboratively with other professionals in their community. Yet this can be difficult and frustrating work, requiring a high level of sustained energy and interpersonal skills. It clearly takes a toll on the personal, professional, and emotional lives of recipients. This work can be particularly challenging because the efforts of award recipients may not be valued within their agency or community, and may not be rewarded within their professional discipline. The professional impact of award recipients is thus a testament to their personal character. Because of their work, victims in their communities are more likely to receive the compassionate support and competent services they deserve, and perpetrators are more likely to be held accountable for their crimes. This award honors the legacy of their professional impact, within their communities and beyond.

Award Criteria

This award is given to journalists or other representatives of the media whose work achieves the highest standards of excellence in addressing the issues of violence against women. Accomplishing this goal requires pursuing the facts diligently to ensure that they accurately portray the real-world dynamics of violence against women, and the personal experiences of those whose lives are devastated by sexual assault, interpersonal violence, and stalking. Because the issues are complex, and often misunderstood by professionals and the public alike, representatives of the media who strive to “get the story right” often face an uphill battle of generating interest in the topic, sustaining support to follow it through, and reaching a wide and diverse audience with the information. Those who truly create a lasting impact then push beyond the “story,” to work collaboratively with professionals in their community who serve the needs of victims and pursue offender accountability. Because their work can alter the landscape of societal attitudes toward women, award recipients have the potential to truly change the world — by helping to prevent violence against women and respond appropriately when it does occur.