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EVAWI is working with a cadre of experts who can provide training in sexual assault response and investigation for law enforcement on a national level. These experts represent a diverse range of jurisdictions, agencies, and geographic areas (e.g., military, civilian, and campus communities).

To participate in this program, these experts have fulfilled a number of requirements, including completing all of the training modules in our OnLine Training Institute (OLTI) and familiarizing themselves with EVAWI's broad portfolio of training and technical assistance resources.

We support these experts in an ongoing way, keeping them up-to-date on developments in the field and to offer feedback on their training content and consultant materials. However, they are individual contractors, so they do not formally represent EVAWI in their capacity as a trainer or consultant.

Below you will find information on the professional qualifications of each expert, including training topics and sample materials. For more information please contact them directly by email. All correspondence and negotiation will take place exclusively between the requesting agency and expert.

Ann Burdges
President / Director, EVAWI Board
Consultant / Trainer
Atlanta, GA
Learn More
Michael Crumrine
Sergeant, Austin Police Department
Austin, TX
Learn More
Mike Davis
Sergeant, Vancouver Police Department (Ret.)
Vancouver, WA
Learn More
Elizabeth Donegan
Director, EVAWI Board of Directors
Sergeant, Austin Police Department (Ret.)
Austin, TX
Learn More
Maureen Evans
Special Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Norfolk, VA
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Rachael Frost
Master Investigator IV, Riverside Sheriff's Department
Murrieta, CA
Learn More
Catherine Garcia
Supervising Investigator, Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking, and Child Abduction, San Diego County District Attorney's Office (Ret.)
Chula Vista, CA
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Carlton Hershman
Detective, San Diego Police Department (Ret.)
San Diego, CA
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Melissa Holbrook
Sergeant, Houston Police Department
Houston, TX
Learn More
Catherine Johnson
Board Secretary
Law Enforcement Specialist (Forensics/Investigative Instructor), Investigative Operations Division / Forensics and Special Investigative Skills Branch
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glynco, GA
Learn More
Richard Mankewich
Sergeant, Orlando County Sheriff's Office
Orlando, FL
Learn More
Andrea Munford
Lieutenant, Investigation Division, Michigan State University Police Department
Lansing, MI
Learn More
Wendy Patrick
PhD, Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County District Attorney's Office
San Diego, CA
Learn More
Ronald "Keith" Reid
Sergeant, Metropolitan Police Department (Ret.)
Clinton, MD
Learn More
David Scott
PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Tyler, Sergeant, Longview Police Department
Longview, TX
Learn More
Herbert Tanner
Trainer/Consultant, HR Tanner Consulting LLC
Portland, MI
Learn More
Judith Weber
Sergeant, San Diego Police Department (Ret.)
Frederick, MD
Learn More
Jerald Monahan, MS
Chief of Police, Yavapai College Police Department
Law Enforcement Liaison
Prescott, AZ
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