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Ramsay County Sexual Assault Systems Review
Traditionally, sexual offending within communities has only been reported to criminal justice authorities by small percentages of victims/survivors. Sexual assault cases present unique challenges to police and prosecutors seeking to hold offenders accountable. Therefore, it is imperative that our systems perform at their best in addressing these serious crimes. In April 2016, Ramsey County took a public stand, committing to improve our community’s response to sexual assaults by launching a Start by Believing campaign to change our culture so victims/survivors feel empowered to report their abuse. Also, in order to examine how the system currently responds to sexual assault cases, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi dedicated an experienced prosecutor to review the practices of criminal justice professionals. For two years, she reviewed police reports, prosecutor cases and interviewed professionals and victims/survivors to understand the current response. This report details the findings from that review and recommends key investments to make and practices to change to improve the system for victims of sexual assault and bring offenders to justice.
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