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EVAWI Training Bulletin: Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma and Implications for Interviewing Victims
More than a year in development, this 38-page document provides basic information about the brain and explores the impact of trauma on behavior and memory. It then highlights the implications for law enforcement interviews conducted with victims of sexual assault and other traumatic crimes. The training bulletin was written by Dr. Chris Wilson, Dr. Kim Lonsway, and Sgt. Joanne Archambault (Ret.), with contributions by Dr. Jim Hopper. It was reviewed by experts from a variety of professional disciplines, including psychology, law enforcement, and prosecution. We hope you find it to be a useful resource, to enhance your understanding of these critical issues. With an understanding of how the brain responds to trauma, and an appreciation for how trauma affects memory encoding, storage and recall, we now have the potential to become truly "trauma informed" in our interviewing practices.
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Last Updated: 8/3/2020 10:14:37 AM
Keywords: Neurobiology, Trauma, Interviewing
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