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EVAWI Training Bulletin Series: Understanding DNA Evidence and Sexual Assault Investigation
This training bulletin is the first in a series developed to explain the role of DNA evidence in a sexual assault investigation. In this first installment, we will unpack some assumptions that influence both discussions and policy initiatives in this area. In subsequent bulletins we will explore alternative sources of DNA evidence and their potential significance or impact on a sexual assault investigation. We will also provide a case example illustrating many of our points, and offer a brief historical perspective on the use of DNA evidence within the criminal justice system. Finally, we conclude by charting a course for reform and offering best practice recommendations. Some of the information in this series will overlap with the recent training bulletin addressing the question of whether we should “test anonymous kits.” While that bulletin focused specifically on evidence collected during a medical forensic exam with a victim who has not personally reported to law enforcement, this series is designed to address the role of DNA evidence in the investigation of sexual assault cases more generally.
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Last Updated: 7/9/2020 8:22:09 AM
Keywords: DNA, Evidence, Investigation
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