Forensic Compliance

Forensic Compliance

Many communities face challenges in establishing a response system that is compliant with the provisions of VAWA 2005 and 2013. EVAWI is currently providing technical assistance on this critically important topic.

Exam Payment Resources

Questions about the laws in your own state or territory? Answers can be found at This interactive map allows you to click on each state or territory, to find a detailed summary of the exam payment process specific to your area.  

You can also download this document, which explains the laws and guidelines for each US state and territory, or review this 13-page Summary of Laws and Guidelines.

New Protocol

Cambria County, Pennsylvania offers a comprehensive sexual assault protocol which includes a well-designed procedure for anonymous reporting (for victims age 18 and over).  This protocol is thoughtfully designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail.  It is also beautifully written, making it an excellent model for other communities seeking to implement a similar protocol in their community.  The final document is a consent form for victims who report anonymously, authorizing the collection, documentation, and release of evidence (to be stored by the municipal police department).  The form offers a brief explanation of key issues for victims, including the fact that they will not be billed for the exam, that their medical records will remain private, and that their evidence will be stored for 2 years.  Victims can choose whether or not they would like to be contacted 3 weeks before the evidence will be destroyed. If so, the form documents their preference and various methods of contacting them.