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Prosecutor Tribute
Honoring Legal Champions
This Wall of Tribute was created to honor prosecutors who demonstrate compassion, professionalism, and respect – while pursuing justice on behalf of victims and their families. We celebrate the lives of legal champions everywhere, who have dedicated their lives to serving victims and holding offenders accountable.

We invite you to honor their service, by purchasing a brick in our Prosecutor Tribute Wall. All the proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for prosecutors to attend our annual conference on sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence.

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Linda Rinaldi Tom Thurman Jan Norman Justin Cabral Michelle Paradise Tim Barker
Stephanie Lombardo Tara Wikhian Marc LeBeau Ann Wolbert Burgess Samantha Gwinn
Michael L Weaver Eileen Allen Liz Donegan Cat Mosqueda Rebecca Campbell NCDSV
Ann Burdges Bruce Post Marilyn Kaufhold DOD IG Friends Jim Clark
Bev Vogel Jenna Jones Paradis Kelly Walker Michael Luken Aaron Rugh Robert Crow
Phil Hamon Courtney Lewis Annie Burdges Liz Donegan
(hover over a name to see the message the donor left)
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