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Forensic Nurse Tribute
Hope, Change, and Nursing

Sponsored by the Academy of Forensic Nursing
The Academy of Forensic Nursing (AFN) strives to promote Forensic Nursing Science by linking research to practice through dissemination of scholarship, education, and service to those affected by and responding to trauma. 

Please help us celebrate the achievements of forensic nurses everywhere by building this virtual Wall of Tribute in their honor. Through their work and leadership, forensic nurses touch the lives of countless people, providing care and healing for victims.

Join us in honoring and continuing the legacy of Forensic Nurses, by purchasing a brick and helping to develop the next generation of leaders in the field. All the proceeds will be used to fund scholarships to attend our annual conference on sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of gender-based violence.

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Lorie Sandaine Ellen Brostrom Diana Faugno Elizabeth A. Goodman Janean Fossum Melodie Brooks
Mary Pat DeWald Michelle Ortiz, U.S. Navy Kris Karcher Joanne Archambualt Kathy Carson
Jody Glittenberg Hinrichs Carmen M Henesy Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences Kris Bleything Pat Speck Amy Carney
Pam Turner Paul Thomas Clements Pamela Terrill Nancy Cabelus Jane Reynolds
Cari Caruso Anonymous Keystone IAFN Daria Waszak Carol Klamser SANEs of Statesboro, Georgia
Linda Rossman Barry A. J. Fisher NJ Chapter of IAFN Ann Burdges Virginia Chapter of the VAIAFN
Alison Cathro Sarah Buel CFNE International Debby Tucker Lorie Dixon Rachell & Chris Ekroos
El Buchanan George Schiro E. Araceli Desmarais Cathy Carter-Snell International Association of Forensic Nurses, Washington State Chapter
MD/DC Chapter of IAFN MARNIE LYNN SPERLING, RN, MSN, DMD Myna Shegog Southern California Chapter IAFN Renae Diegel In Memory of Donald Starliper
Pamella Jahnke Diana Faugno Khara Breeden Jacqueline Callari Robinson Kimberly Womack
Major R Coleman Major R Coleman David Muram Rachell A. Ekroos Barbra Bachmeier Angelo P Giardino, MD, PhD
Michael Weaver Debby Tucker & NCDSV Kathy Sekula Diana Faugno, Stacey Mitchell, Rachel Ekroos Ted Hariton MD
Ann Burdges GSAC-CAC Diana Faugno, Rachel Ekroos, Stacey Mitchell Annie Burdges Diana Faugno, Rachel Ekroos, Stacey Mitchell, Pat Speck Barbra Bachmeier
Debra Holbrook Christa Marshall Pat Speck Diana Faugno Stacey Mitchell
Rachell Ekroos
(hover over a name to see the message the donor left)
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